Our Team Consultants

Surya Rhalieb has experiences over the past 12 years in the property business, began working on the developers and property brokerage. Surya has been firmed in handling sale of apartments, houses, offices and well tenanted.

Many national and multinational companies used his services to get the best advice in getting the best property they will use as a place of business in Indonesia. Years of experience have led Surya has the ability to provide the best advice to clients to use the capital as well as the property that they have to be profitable instrument in the field of property investment.

Yudha Permana has been experienced in property business over 14 years, Yudha used to worked on the property consultant firms. He is the one who has tremendous experiences in handling any form of the clients need.

The qualified performance was shown on his activities in the services delivery of the office relocation project studies, stay vs. move evaluation, as well as providing a cost-benefit analysis for the office accommodation strategy and conduct lease negotiations on behalf of the tenant as well as a representation of the Landlord.

Over the past 8 years, Natanael Subroto has been in the property business, began working on the property brokerage firms and eventually formed his own consulting company property with his partner. During business on the property, Natan shown the capability and becoming an expert on Property Management.

With the vast experienced team in the field of property management, Nathan confidence to face the future challenges in the management of property.

Fahra Rizwari is President of PT. Nusa Prima Rizwari (Newman PearSons Residential), a subsidiary company of PT. Nusantara Perkasa Solusindo. Over the past 12 years, Fahra has been in the property business.

As an expert on finding homes for many persons who work for national and multinational companies who doing their business in Indonesia led her being a right woman on the right job in this business. Her expertise make many worldwide property consultants use her as their consultant before she decide to make her own business. As Lead Consultant at Newman Pearsons Residential, Fahra also served as president director of PT. Nusa Prima Rizwari.